Toronto eSchool is a premier online high school situated in Toronto and is fully inspected and approved to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma by the Ministry of Education (BSID# 886520). Our school aims at helping students achieve excellence in education and prepare students for university admissions.

Toronto eSchool uses an asynchronous model, which means students can enroll and begin courses any time during the school year and work at their own pace in completing the courses entirely online. Toronto eSchool accepts both full-time and part-time students and forwards marks to OUAC for any students applying to post-secondary institutions.

Toronto eSchool was founded in 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Mr. Aliferis, who also became the Founding Principal. In 2016, Toronto eSchool moved into its new campus in Toronto, Ontario. Its new facility boasts over 60,000 square feet of space. Current renovations are preparing the facility for rapid expansion into the international market and the launching of various innovative tutoring programs geared to maximize student success.

Our objectives and advantages:

Toronto eSchool offers students the opportunity to earn Ontario High School credits online featuring in mediated content delivery. Our teaching model adopts a combination of online video instruction, online assessments, and virtual evaluations.

Our commitment to student support:

With the growing trend of virtual schools voices parental concerns about inadequacy of student support. We assure you that despite of the digitalization of classes, we provide students with easy access to academic support.

We value students' feedback on our quality of teaching. We encourage students to reach out to us anytime regarding concerns of any kind. We interact with students across different media, ranging from emails to various platforms.


We care about the learning experience

We've been trying to upgrade our teaching system so that the most satisfactory academic results can be achieved.

At Toronto eSchool, material is delivered through various media and is accessible to students at any given time - what you need is internet connection.

We believe that through giving students freedom to study at their own pace is a vital element of academic success - this teaching model not only conveniences students in terms of material accessibility but can also help students with time management skills.

Please be assured that the selection of media for the purpose of teaching is carefully made and the utilization of media for the purpose of teaching is not against the policies set by the Ministry of Education.