Toronto eSchool is an Ontario High School (BSID #886520) inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and authorized to grant Ontario high school credits leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which is recognized and accepted for entrance into all Canadian, U.K. and international universities.

Part-time study refers to students taking one or more courses with Toronto eSchool, while maintaining active status at their home school.

Full-time study refers to students who apply for Toronto eSchool as their home school (the main school at which they take the majority of the courses, and which holds their Ontario Student Record- OSR and may issue them OSSD diploma). It is required to apply for minimum three (3) courses per semester to meet this qualification.


Tuition for any course includes all materials, tests, examinations and communications. There are no taxes.

Course Type Students Tuition
One Credit Course
Half Credit Course
Credit course Canadian students $599 $499 Canadian citizens or permanent residents residing in Ontario Canada
Visa students $849 $599 Visa students with study permit residing in Canada
International students $1200 $699 International students without study permit
None credit course Canadian & visa students $399 $399 No online teachers assigned to students
Transferable to credit courses as request and the difference paid off
International students $499 $499

1). Half credit courses - Civics CHV2O / Careers GLC2O
2). Tuition for Canadian residents outside of Ontario will be $849
3). None credit courses - Manual enrollment only


Students are encouraged to complete their courses within 6 months of enrollment, but can take up to 12 months (Additional fees will apply) if necessary. Students can also work more quickly and complete their courses in less than 4 weeks if they like. Students register online and can start their chosen courses usually within 24 hours.


Additional fees

To majority of the students, the online course tuition fee is the only fee you pay to Toronto eSchool.

Additional fees may apply in some certain circumstances:




Option 1). Online Register. You can start your course in minutes.


You will need to

(1) Create your account to Register ( If you already have an account, please go to step 2 )

(2) Login, and then choose your course ( Click "Courses" on the right-hand side in my login page )


course registration


(3) Choose your payment method.


After you submit your account information, you will receive an email confirmation of registration and login/password.

You will then be prompted for a payment option -PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.


Click here to register online.


Option 2). Fill in PDF Form and email to


Click here to fill out a registration form for local/visa students

Click here to fill out a registration form for international students

How Can I Pay


Option 1:  Wire Transfer


Recipient Name: Toronto eSchool
School Address: 105 Moatfield Drive Unit 1107, Toronto, Ontario, M3B 0A2, CANADA
School Telephone: (001) 416-637-2632 , (001) 647-352-6288
Bank Name: TD Canada Trust
Account No: 10332-004-5270967
Bank Address: 3477 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto, Ontario, M1T 3K6, CANADA
Bank Swift Code#: TDOMCATTTOR
Bank CC Code#: 0004-10332


Please add $ 40.00 CAD bank service charge if you are paying by wire transfer.


Option 2: In Person

We accept Cash, Cheque.


Option 3: Online

1. PayPal

We accept online Paypal payments with Debit Visa or credit card.

2. WeChat Pay/ AliPay

We accept Chinese RMB payments with WeChat Pay or AliPay.Please contact International Offices for details and QR Code.
(Note: 1.8% processing fee will be charged for each transaction)


3. e-Tranfer

e-Tranfer to Toronto eSchool by and let us know the security question answer.


Student Enrollment Policy

There is no set schedule for a student to follow or due dates to complete assignments. The student can start the course after 48 hours of registration and move through at his or her own pace. Students are encouraged to complete their courses in 2-6 months, but may apply for an extension of another 3 months, up to 2 extensions ( Additional fees will apply ). The course must be completed within 12 months of enrollment, otherwise he/she will be withdrawn from a registered course.

Refund Policy

TorontoeSchool does not issue refunds. Once enrolled, our administration undertakes many tasks, such as activates the student account, completes the enrollment, contracts the teacher, establishes student files, tracks the enrollment for Ministry purposes, etc. Even if the student does not begin the course, the work in our school is almost completed.

Course Transfer Policy

A student has the option to transfer from one course to another within the first week of registration. There is an administrative fee 100 Canadian Dollars applied for the course transfer.

Transfers will not be available to a student who has completed more than two assessments or who has not requested a transfer within the first-week period.

Confidentiality Policy

Please note that TorontoeSchool may communicate with parents or legal guardians of students under the age of 18. In addition, TorontoeSchool will communicate with any student's post-secondary schools.

All policies may be modified at any time at the TorontoeSchool website. The use of TorontoeSchool courses indicates that the student and/or parent/guardian accepts these aforementioned policies.