What is Bill 96 in Quebec ?

Bill 96 of Quebec is now formally in force starting from 2022. The number of francophones and allophones who can enroll in English CEGEPs will be restricted by Bill 96, which imposes enrollment limitations on the English system. It will be mandatory for all students to enroll in three additional French courses.

According to Bill 96's education reforms, junior college (CEGEP) students who enroll in English-language institutions must take three core French courses or three courses in French-language education.


Grade 12 OSSD Program with Toronto eSchool

Toronto eSchool online OSSD is a very good study option for Quebec students  and out-of-province students who wish to obtain an Ontario secondary school diploma (OSSD) while physically residing in Quebec, or living outside Ontario. Students can study online, and courses will be instructed by experienced Ontario Certified teachers. In 9 to 10 months of  one academic year, students can satisfy the requirement to meet university admissions in Canada, as well as in United States and around the world.

You can take grade 9 - grade12 credit courses at home or anywhere in the world through Toronto eSchool.  For more information, please refer to our course registration page.




How to Earn Your OSSD Diploma ?

We will evaluate the student’s prior learning experience and grant equivalent credits that correspond to grades 9 through 11 or 12. To obtain the OSSD, students merely need to complete the remaining courses. The program lasts for nine to ten months. A student may need to take seven to nine courses, including the top six Grade 12 4U/4M courses, depending on their level of English ability and the required prerequisites.

Each student who successfully completes all required courses and meets the graduation requirements will receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). With the OSSD, our students can apply to university across Canada and also to universities around the world.


University Pathway:

1. Business and Management Stream

The Business and Management Stream focuses on mathematics, business, accounting and economics.  Students in this stream are better equipped to succeed in university-level business and management programs.   Student will prepare themselves for careers in finance, accounting, human resources, Business Analytics, strategic management, entrepreneurship, marketing and more.

Grade 12 course selection:

  • ENG4U – English Grade 12
  • MHF4U – Advanced Functions
  • MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors
  • MDM4U-Data Management
  • BOH4M – Business Leadership
  • BBB4M – International Business
  • HHS4U – Families in Canada

2. Medical and Health Care Stream

For students pursuing degrees in medicine, nursing, or life sciences, this is a particular emphasis. A solid basis in biology, physics, and chemistry is built in class.

Grade 12 course selection:

  • ENG4U – English
  • MHF4U – Advanced Functions
  • MCV4U – Calculus
  • SPH4U – Physics,
  • SCH4U – Chemistry
  • SBI4U – Biology

3. Engineering and Science Stream

For those seeking degrees in computer science, engineering, applied math, chemistry, physical science, or biological science. A strong foundation in math, computer science, chemistry, physics, and biology is developed in class.

Grade 12 course selection:

  • ENG4U – English
  • MHF4U – Advanced Functions
  • MCV4U – Calculus
  • MDM4U-Data Management
  • SPH4U – Physics,
  • SCH4U – Chemistry
  • SBI4U – Biology
  • ICS4U-Computer Science

4. Humanities and Social Science  and Arts Stream

This focuses on language arts, culture, the arts, and human society.  This stream typically offers courses in philosophy, humanities and social science, Canadian studies, and history.  Students prepare for university and beyond by learning how to formulate their ideas critically and analytically through studying society through these various perspectives.

Grade 12 course selection:

  • ENG4U – English
  • CGW4U – Geography
  • CHY4U – history
  • HHS4U-Familes in Canada
  • HSB4U-Challenge and Change
  • HZT4U-Philosophy
  • AVI4M – Visual Arts


Admission Requirement

Fill out an Equivalent Credit Assessment Application. Successfully completing year 10, or year 11 and year 12 out-of-province may enable a student to receive equivalent credits that can count toward the OSSD. After an application has been reviewed, our Guidance will provide a detailed list of both the equivalent credits that have been granted and the credits that still need to be completed to fulfil the diploma requirements.

  • Completed Equivalent Credit Assessment Application Form
  • A copy of official final reports/transcript from completed years of secondary school and the translation in English, if necessary.
  • A copy of government-issued identification (e.g. passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Application fee ($150) and Assessment fee ($200).

We will contact you with directions on how to submit the fee after we have confirmed receipt of all required application documents.

Please submit this application, along with all scanned and supporting documentation by email to guidance@torontoeschool.com


Tuition Fee


Tuition for Canadian residents living outside Ontario will be $849/ course and $1200/course for international students.


Additional Fees

$350 CAD - Application fee ($150) and Assessment fee ($200), a one-time fee for students who apply for Toronto eSchool first time without OEN

$500 CAD - Students who apply for Toronto eSchool as their home school (the main school at which they take the majority of the courses, and which holds their Ontario Student Record- OSR and may issue them OSSD diploma) are considered our full-time. The home school fee covers the services of OSR administration, Community service, Transcript, OSSD Diploma and OUAC/OCAS.


Since we are an all year-round institution, students are free to enroll on any day and follow their own flexible schedule. We will create a customized schedule for every student and offer one-on-one guidance counseling.


Sample timetable



What Our Quebec Students Have to Say

Quebec Student


Quebec Student

Hi Miss Rebecca, 

We are happy to let you know that we got accepted in Concordia University. Karim's offer and mine are attached in this email. 

Thank you Miss Rebecca and thanks to Toronto eSchool for helping us to get in what we really wanted. 

While also, since we got accepted, we got tones of calls from students in grade 11 to join Toronto eSchool. And of course with all confidence and happiness we encouraged them to join. 

Thank You. 

Quebec Student

Xiaokun Dai

Quebec Student

Hello, my name is Xiaokun. This year I am attending Toronto eSchool. I originally attended elementary school and High School in Quebec, but I chose Toronto eSchool for my final academic year in Grade 12 because the their courses are very flexible and I can study anytime and anywhere on my own pace. With Toronto eSchool I studied MHF4U, BOH4U, BBB4M, MCV4U, ENG4U, HHS4U, CGW4U and OLC4O and successfully earned my OSSD.
This year I received admission offers from York, Ottawa, McMaster, and the University of Toronto. I would like to express my special thanks to the teachers at Toronto eSchool for their help and their support.



Quebec Student

Hello, my name is Hua. I graduated from Toronto eSchool this year. I previously attended Cegep in Quebec and I heard about Toronto eSchool from my friends. After communication with the school counsellor, I thought through Toronto eSchool it was a valuable opportunity for me to pursue my dream university. During one year of studying at Toronto eSchool, all teachers from various subjects left feedback after every assignment and test I completed so that I could know what mistakes I made and how I could improve, which was a great help to me. At the same time, Guidance Ms. Wang also helped me a lot to apply for University admission. I successfully obtained an Offer from University of Toronto majoring in computer science this year.
I am very grateful to Toronto eSchool for giving me this learning opportunity and fulfilling my dream of attending a prestigious University of Toronto!