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School Founded in 2013

Toronto eSchool is one of the only online high school situated in Toronto and is fully inspected and approved by Ministry of Education to grant Ontario high school credits and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) itself since 2013. Toronto eSchool aims at helping students achieve excellence in education and prepare students for university admissions.


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Earn your OSSD anywhere

# Take one or more courses, even if you are in a public school or any other day-school.

# Complete your courses in less than 4 weeks or up to 12 months.


  • Continuous enrollment - Register and start anytime.

  • Finish an online course at your own speed.

  • A team of dedicated and certified teachers. All in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.

  • Courses that are engaging and keep your interested.

  • No matter where you are, you can access your courses 24/7.

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williane - Toronto eSchool"Dear Rebecca, hope you are doing well.
I am taking this opportunity to thank you so much for the accompaniment, advise and the push done on Williane 's during her studies at Toronto eSchool; It was so benefic to her as now, she is doing well (1st impressions) ; she fitted very well into the University system... she started with 2 courses and has succeeded with a grade of B+ and A.... she promised to get A+ moving forward... at least, she started with good marks compared the way I was so so much worried about her performance. I have a confident if she continues on the same trend, she will be able to finish her studies withing the 4 academic years. 

Again, find my sincere gratitude for the journey and support from your side; I will never forget about your advise, push, reminders, mails.... All to get Williane succeed her Grade 12. You are very professional and I m thank God I found a such professional and parent teacher. 

Remain blessed - Honorine N., Procurement Manager 
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

karthika Vindiya

Respected Ma'am Lela, 

As of today, I have completed the ENG4U course and have received the marks on my portal. It was my honor and greatest pleasure to have you as my mentor. The positively motivating feedback alongside Constructive criticism that you have provided me with my assignment submissions is what enabled me to prepare for my final exam with attentiveness and cautiousness. I, Sincerely, Thank you for guiding me on this journey, and for taking the time to write detailed feedback while also answering many of my queries without hesitation or disappointment. 

Thank you and Kind regards, 

Karthika Vindiya

Naveen Kandamulla-Medicine in Manipal Medical University"Hello miss,

I have got my marks. Thank you so much at the end.  You helped me a lot with this course. Your feedbacks were very effective to me. I got many experiences with this. I really appreciate your kindness to refer my mails and reply them all and give feedbacks for my resubmitted assignments as well. Lucky to have a teacher like you miss.

Thank you so much and wish your future works with my best."

Naveen Srimal Kandamulla, Medicine in Manipal Medical University

Hadi Khan-Life Science in McMaster University"Hey, Rebecca,

Thank you so much for your help. I don't think there is anyone in education who helped me more than you. I got the final confirmation email and finally got into McMaster.

Thank you for all your help, I owe my success in university admission to you."

Hadi Khan, Life Science in McMaster University

Arun Patrick-Computer Engineering in Carleton University"Being from a developing country like India, it has always been my dream to have an education from a developed country. I was referred by a family friend to Toronto eSchool. The course material is well structured, the video-lessons and the doubt clearing sessions were meticulous. My online instructors were also very flexible and were always ready to clear my doubts. My counsellor, Rebecca helped me in timely application to several Universities.  I received offer letters with entrance scholarships from 7 Universities (University of Toronto, York, Guelph, Ryerson, Wilfrid Laurier and etc ).

Toronto eSchool has given me a huge opportunity to achieve my future goal. My special thanks to Guidance Rebecca and to all the teachers who helped me pave a way to my success."

Arun Patrick Amaladas, Computer Engineering in Carleton University

Noah Kong-University of Toronto"Last year, I registered in the Grade 12 Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Advanced Function, Data Management and Calculus at Toronto eSchool. The lesson of each unit includes a recorded video, and other materials. Through independent learning, I finished writing assignments, other quizzes and exams. Then the credits are simply earned. We are free to choose the pace of taking courses for a more personalized learning experience. This is one of my favorite points, I always felt that the speed in regular schools was far too slow.

I had a few things I didn't know in Chemistry, so I applied to TES for extra tutoring. It was cheap & effective, and it took me an hour to solve all my problems. I got a 95.3 GPA and received an offer of Computer Science from University of Toronto."

Noah Kong, University of Toronto

Linda EL-Biomedical Science in University of OttawaHi,My name is Linda,

"Toronto eSchool helped me to meet my university admission. I took 3 courses of Gr. 11 and 6 courses of Gr. 12 at Toronto eSchool. Their online courses are organized very well by multimedia instruction and dynamic video lessons, with very supportive and experienced teachers.

I really would recommend to my friends."

Linda EL Rayes, Biomedical Science in University of Ottawa

Ran Ju-Life Science in Western University"Thank you Toronto eShool!

Very good, very very good, very patient teachers that taught me tons of things!!!!! I mean seriously I search lots of different online schools with my best friend who named Claire but this one is the best of them all!!!! I finished 11 courses with Toronto eSchool and have a great experience!!!!!!

Dear Chinese parents, if you read this good review, don't hesitate, this online class is really good!"

Ran Ju, Life Science in Western University

Alveena-Nursing Program in Lakehead University"Back in 2021, I was looking at various programs that offered grade 12 qualifications that would allow me to pursue my post-secondary education. After a thorough research, I came across Toronto eSchool and I was impressed with the amount of resources that were provided on their website as well as I had a one-to-one conversation with my guidance counselor, Ms. Rebecca, who explained to me what were the suitable course combinations as I intended to pursue the Bachelor of nursing program in Canada. Thereafter, I decided to study grade 12 at Toronto eSchool which lasted for about 10 months and it was really flexible for me as I could submit my assignments without any deadlines and I could easily receive feedback from my course instructors, who provided timely and effective feedback. Besides, I received admission offers from six universities, such as Queen’s university, University of Calgary, for Bachelor of nursing, natural sciences and health.  Nevertheless, the staff and the course instructors are really supportive and would want to see their students succeed".

Alveena Konpal Kashf, Nursing Program in Lakehead University

Kasra Zarbakhsh-Business Administration of Legal Studies in York University"My name is Kasra Zarbakhsh in Iran. I enjoyed my study at Toronto eSchool with the kind staff.

I suggest studying at Toronto eSchool for those International or Canadian students who want to earn the OSSD.

I earned eight credits with Toronto eSchool, got two university offers, and got an OSSD.
Warm regards to Principal & Vice-Principal of Toronto eSchool, Mr. Bowyer & Ms. Wang."

Kasra Zarbakhsh, Business Administration of Legal Studies in York University.

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