The Revolution



When I came across the idea of virtual school, the phrase unbreakable thread has come to my mind.

Growing up in a period within which physical attendance in class is much appreciated and acknowledged, never have I ever imagined that virtual teaching and impartation could change the landscape of education.  

I grew up in a culture where only students’ and teachers’ physical presence in a classroom could demonstrate the validity and legitimacy of teaching. Until university, never were any mobile phones and personal laptops essential in-class study partners – needless to say, parents and schools deemed those gadgets too distracting. You really can’t blame the adults for their concerns – with the launching and popularity of video games among high school students, one can’t fight the urge to entertain themselves with visually-appealing games during a lengthy class.

Sure, who could ever predict that decades after, those once-distracting gadgets would be a crucial element implemented into the model of teaching and learning, forming bonds among study buddies, connecting students to teachers around the world.  Suddenly, those media do not seem so condemnatory, right?



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